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The International Space Station (ISS) is mankind’s only permanently manned outpost. In low-Earth orbit it circles the Earth every 90 minutes. A visit to the ISS is like no other experience. When you reach Earth orbit you will be traveling at 17,500 miles per hour, over 250 miles above the Earth’s surface and you will be weightless, floating inside your spacecraft. Since the dawn of manned spaceflight, just over 550 people have traveled to space. The International Space Station has a permanent crew of up to 6 professional astronauts.

It has an internal volume approximately the same size as a Boeing 777 aircraft, so there is plenty of space for privacy when needed. You will spend approximately 10 days in space, during which time you are principally free to do as you choose. You can marvel at the wonder of the Earth below you, assist in science research or design your own mission program. While the highlight is obviously the spaceflight itself, the training and preparation is a very rewarding experience in itself. Space Adventures will ensure you are appropriately trained and prepared using state of the art facilities, simulators and methods. This experience is perhaps best described by Dennis Tito, the first private citizen to fly to the ISS, "For me it was like being in heaven—it was like being in a second life".


This experience is subject to fitness and health requirements. For more information, please contact us on the details provided below.

Contact Information

Neue Experience would be delighted to discuss the details of this experience at a time of your convenience. To do so please contact Mr Brett Phillips, Founder, on +61 3 9687 4899 (Australia) or email to arrange a meeting.



LOCATION - Space • PRESENTED BY - Space Adventures • AVAILABILITY - Strictly limited
• DATES - Subject to availability • CATEGORY - Space • GUESTS - Max 1 Guest

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