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For the 2021 edition of Design Miami, Gallery All is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Todomuta Studio. Exploring the frontiers between art, design and cutting-edge craftsmanship, the solo exhibition is a preliminary reveal of the Massless Collection, a one-of-a-kind collection commissioned by Gallery All.

Todomuta Studio was conceived in 2011 under the art direction of Laura Molina and Sergio Herrera, aspiring from their fascination with the incomprehensible facets of archeology, anthropology, and nature. Their captivation ultimately led to the studio formulating its collective imagination to produce an aesthetic connecting ancestral and sophisticated characteristics that existed as timeless pieces with immense visual power.

Todomuta studio gravitates toward creating works that do not coincide with market trends, aspiring to unnerve an audience to assert that the acquisition of their pieces is beyond the unassuming act of consumption. The studio’s unique pieces manufactured through experimentation and demonstrating conventional artistic production techniques allowed the studio to provide a modern perspective that coincided with new technologies.

The Massless Collection achieved ultimate expression through fold and curves. Form and structure, which are conventionally regarded as oppositional forces, come together to construct an unfathomable unit. The emptiness and silhouette of the hollow provide the name for the lyrical collection. With an imaginative articulation of the surfaces that allow the viewers to question its stability, the works couple form, and function in a particular approach.

Massless prompts the viewer to discover a new sense of modernisation.

Our brains rebuild the erroneous presumption of the solid to come to terms with the feeling of lightness and weightlessness demonstrated by the collection. Massless prompts the viewer to discover a new sense of modernisation. Through mixing metal with natural resources, Todomuta studio critically engaged with themes of technological durability and the use of nature as a means of humanisation. With the ongoing argument that society has about modernisation versus nature, the collision of substances provides the basis to question the modernisation of society.

Founded by Yu Wang and Xiao Lu in Beijing and Los Angeles in 2014, Gallery All has earned international acclaim for its ever-evolving program of exhibitions and presentations for the most distinguished contemporary design collection. By utilising extensive fabrication resources in China, United States, and the Netherlands, Gallery All provides unique research and production capabilities to its represented artists, which enables them to master progressive manufacturing practices, facilitate expert craftsmanship, and discover new production perspectives.

As one of the first design galleries originated in China, Gallery All is committed to lead the way of Asia’s rapidly-escalating art and design market and develop into Asia’s premier resource for design. Through passion, research, and fabrication, Gallery All continues to exhibit the most cutting-edge and experimental design collection that blurs the line between Fine Art and Design, the traditional and contemporary, within both the Eastern and Western realms.

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