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Berengo Studio and WonderGlass announce a collaboration to showcase a unique exhibition of contemporary glass art and design titled GLASS to GLASS, opening to the public on 17th July 2021. United by their shared passion for revitalising contemporary glass the two companies will celebrate the vibrant community of contemporary artists and designers working with Murano glass today.

A selection of works conceived by internationally acclaimed designers and artists in collaboration with the glass artisans of Murano will be presented at Fondazione Berengo’s Art Space in Murano and at Berengo Collection, near San Marco, inside one of the oldest pharmacies in Venice dating back to the early 18th century. These two spaces will act as the perfect historical backdrop to showcase a dynamic vision for the future of glass.

As Berengo Studio and WonderGlass come together for this exhibition they combine their expertise and creativity as two leading visionaries in the world of glass, giving new life to this ancient material and consolidating the position of Venice as a leader in the field of glass manufacturing.

We wanted to give the sector of glass a new impulse and to showcase the endless possibilities that this medium has to offer.

“A collaboration with Berengo Studio came as a natural fit during a conversation with Adriano Berengo: we realised that our passion and respect for glass deserved a major effort for Venice and Murano island. We wanted to give the sector of glass a new impulse and to showcase the endless possibilities that this medium has to offer. Since these past twelve months have been particularly challenging for the Venetian glass industry, we thought that creating a platform to foster new creativity would provide the opportunity also to young designers and artists to work together to build the future of glass.” - Maurizio Mussati.

The exhibition will include a selection of pieces from WonderGlass and Berengo Studio’s collections alongside new and revisited pieces, some specifically commissioned for GLASS to GLASS, from artists such as nendo, Maarten Baas, John Pawson and Sam Baron. “Working with WonderGlass to highlight the outstanding variety present in the world of contemporary glass has been an incredible venture. Collaboration lies at the heart of all we do at Berengo Studio, bringing contemporary artists to work in glass, so joining forces with WonderGlass has only secured our belief that creative collaboration and community are essential elements for great art and design to thrive.” - Adriano Berengo.

This exclusive collaboration will serve as a platform to highlight the endless possibilities of progressive art and design in glass, and the fluid ways in which they both endlessly inform and inspire one another to constantly renew the medium and assert its indisputable creative value.

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