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David Hockney's painting Portrait Of An Artist has been sold to an unknown buyer for a record price for a living artist. The painting sold for $US90 million ($A124 million), smashing the auction record for a living artist.

Hockney's 1972 work Portrait Of An Artist (Pool with Two Figures) went under the hammer at Christie's in New York on Thursday. It emphatically surpassed the previous record for a work by a living artist, which was held by American Jeff Koons and one of his Balloon Dog sculptures which sold for $US58.4 million ($A80.3 million) in 2013. Portrait Of An Artist was sold to an unknown buyer and the identity of the seller is also unconfirmed.

British artist Hockney, 81, was inspired to paint the picture by two photographs he found on his studio floor, one of a swimmer in Hollywood in 1966 and another of a boy staring at an item on the ground.

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