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As both agent of change and sensory maverick, producer and director de Betak’s multi-dimensional runway presentations do more than distill a designer’s vision—they become great works of art. Manipulating space and time, his company Bureau Betak has made the impossible possible for clients such as Lanvin, Moncler and Givenchy in the past three decades.


The Polish born artist is endeared by imperfections and accidents, much like the gnomic designer Rei Kawakubo. It’s no surprise then that Pagowski’s most iconic graphic signature is the red heart with eyes logo blazoned upon the Comme des Garçons Play merchandise. The insignia has become a symbol of the guerrilla style fashion operatives the world over.


The Los Angeles based artist says that she works “in the grey area between digital and physical”. Contemporary video collaborations with Stella McCartney feature her adorned in the designer’s wistful clothes, which combust spontaneously, move from wall to wall and become awash with shards of jubilant colour through computerised magic tricks.


The Russian born hellion stylist walked straight off the runway into a styling career with Vetements and Balenciaga under the direction of Demna Gvasalia. Her penchant for ‘codes of social uniform’ have been translated into cult t-shirts and mutilated security garb. Her evocative and serially lopsided assemblages have reinforced just how influential a model’s eye can be.


Sanchez is a sound artist and music producer. Sanchez curated the soundtrack to Craig Green’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection of listless drapes and strands, which at times seemed to unmoor his audience from reality. The composer says that music is like “perfume” that ignites the air with spectral tunes.


Partel Oliva are an innovative Paris-based design duo specialising in technology and digital art. The imaginative collaborators are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is considered mainstream: from using racially diverse models in their digital storytelling, to creating avatars and immersive virtual realities. Their practice has led them to undertake the enviable role of artistic directors for all of Kenzo’s communications.


Artist Sterling Ruby and designer Raf Simons conveniently share initials. Both also relish in the way that insouciant teenagers dress. Ruby’s aesthetically grunge art has enriched Simons’ haute couture collections with synonymous creative rapture. Ruby’s contribution has redefined the way in which the fashion world engages with art.

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