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Claire Mulquiney

To me, luxury is all about a feeling. It’s the feeling you get when looking at a beautifully made garment and seeing the work that has gone into it. It’s the breathtaking feeling of touching delicate materials and noticing the structure that’s hidden in a beautifully tailored garment. It’s the feeling of satisfaction you get when wearing a garment and receiving compliments and the inconceivable feeling you get when knowing that a garment is one hundred percent perfect for you.


Luxury is something unique, innovative and original. Whether it’s a piece of clothing, a handbag or a car. It’s quality materials and attention to detail that reflects passion and craft. Luxury is an art form and to own one small piece of it can transform my ordinary day into something special. Luxury is something you hold close to your heart amongst all the fast fashion and other junk in your wardrobe.


Since the abandonment of my graphic design career, luxury now has a completely different meaning. I used to think seeing the latest glossy magazine or fashion campaign by an immensely talented photographer as luxury. Even the printing of a luxurious document was pure fantasy for me. The extraordinary transitions of a gloriously imagined website or Showstudio video. But now my tastes are way more infantile. Dematerialised into the simplicity of living, eating, paying for my own goods and being able to sleep.


A moment in time defines my notion of luxury. These moments change and grow as we evolve, they have the power to take us back to the past and dream of a future. The sight of a hand written love letter, the taste of an organic apple or the scent of a pine forest may take me to a place that I have always dreamed of or perhaps captivated me to revisit. I often find myself hesitating when I discover a new treasure or delight, like a child fascinated and transfixed. In awe of its form and slightly humbled. Luxury is for me, a personal revered dream come to life.


Luxury is an experience that enriches. Aesthetically, intellectually, even spiritually, transformative, luxury is not necessarily anchored to expense; it can be experiential rather than expensive: an abstract luxury that becomes a state of mind, and a manner of carrying oneself. Studying a masterwork in a gallery, reading an antique edition of Shakespeare discovered at a flea market, arranging a bouquet of roses or listening to Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony—tangible and intangible at once. Luxury is a way of experiencing and reflecting upon, the beauty, refinement and rarity inherent in the details of the world.


Luxury is tactile. Luxury is a sensuous experience, a material experience. The crisp, smooth texture of a linen napkin, the heady and spicy scent of eucalyptus oil, the cold soft shine of a precious stone…luxurious objects are absorbed through the skin, the nose, the eyes. Potent and immersive, a luxurious object gives itself over to your senses, flooding and befuddling and consuming you.


I see luxury as time and space. In my case, the time and space to think and create artworks. Some argue that the creation of art is a necessity, which is true, but I believe it relies heavily on the environment in which it is made to make it possible. That said, I also love my collection of designer sunglasses. But whatever the luxury, I believe it should be a reward or earned. I think the time when one enjoys luxury most, also incorporates the time it took to achieve it.

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