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This April, Artereal Gallery presents Catalysing Colour, an online solo exhibition of new sculptures by Yioryios Papayioryiou. Having shown his work since he graduated from Australian National University’s School of Art in 2014, this will be Yioryios fifth solo exhibition at Artereal Gallery, illustrating the upward trajectory of a fast-emerging artist who is increasingly being recognised for his ever-evolving free-form helixes and spirals which draw on the shapes and silhouettes of architecture.

Having relocated to Athens in 2019, Yioryios latest body of works references the ancient Greek architectural monuments of his new home, drawing upon the graceful fluted lines of Ionic pillars and the use of contrasting colours to create abstract representations of urban landscapes both new and old.

“In creating my latest series of sculptures Catalysing Colour, my focus was on materialising works which would  highlight the ability for colour to be the catalyst. Without it, the sculpture’s inherent sense of movement cannot be recognised and represented. In using colour as a catalyst, I seek to find the strengths embedded in each work, the graceful lines and fluid forms, and allow these to be glorified."

As a result of these contrasting colours, our eyes linger and follow the sculpture’s innate patterns, abstracting its inherent architectural representation.

“For my latest online exhibition at Artereal Gallery, I am presenting a series of six sculptures which feature a colour palette based on a combination of Dioxazine Purple highlighted by Cobalt Blue, and Hooker’s Green highlighted by a Cadmium Yellow or a Magenta. As a result of these contrasting colours, our eyes linger and follow the sculpture’s innate patterns, abstracting its inherent architectural representation.”

Shown alongside these major new works, Yioryios has also chosen to release a series of smaller maquettes – sculptural studies which he hopes to one day realise on a large scale in a public art context.

“This exhibition was created in my studio in Athens, Greece. A city defined by an urban landscape where the future and history are intertwined. I now look forward to these artworks taking a breath in a landscape that can only be experienced in Australia.”

Born in New Zealand, now based between Sydney, Australia and Athens, Greece. Yioryios Papayioryiou is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the boundaries between painting, sculpture and architecture.

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