Neue Luxury is a global dialogue on luxury in the 21st century.

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    The ghost in the machine

    It’s 7pm in Osaka, Japan, and Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro looks in need of a nightcap. Hyperactive to the point of distraction, he zips around his apartment seemingly wired on life. One minute, the esteemed roboticist is pacing the living room floor in search of wisdom. The next, he is nervously pulling a blind up and down, peering out of a window into a void of pitch-black infinity. The man can’t settle.

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    Neue Selects 

    Neue Luxury highlights the disruptive trajectory of seven fearless artisans who resonate with an unconventional and progressive view of the world. We explore how these luminaries have harnessed their fear and liberated their potential beyond the paradigms of possibility.

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    Reinvention and redemption

    Berlin is certainly no stranger to reinvention. The city’s cultural and urban redevelopment has often gone hand in hand, creating unique conditions for meaningful social, artistic and political exchange.

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    Neue Selects

    It is no secret that our memories are reliant on the engagement and stimulation of our senses. From the smell of our favourite perfume to the warm embrace of a loved one, our senses help us understand and classify our experiences while creating lasting and powerful cerebral embellishments. In this issue, Neue Selects highlights seven sensory agents whose work has challenged, inspired, seduced and stimulated our collective memories for decades.

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    The gentlewoman

    Publishers, writers, photographers and academics—people from every strand of her life—are united in fulsome praise. They call her ‘uncompromising’, ‘brilliant’, and a ‘powerhouse of ideas’. They eulogise about her professional virtues and personal charm with such gusto it’s hard to believe this person isn’t running the country.

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    Neue Selects

    The runway show is universally considered to be the perfect distillation of a designer’s creativity. Each season creative and artistic directors lead a team of multidisciplinary agents in a quest to help realise their visions. Neue Selects celebrates seven creative luminaries who, through their innovation and poise, have helped elevate fashion into an art form. 

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    Neue Selects

    Doesn’t everyone collect something? In an age of ephemeral digital exchange and parallax social engagement, it’s always interesting to pause for a moment and understand if people still collect and why.

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    Perspectives on luxury

    Neue Selects

    Ask any group of people their opinion on sport, politics, art or religion and you are bound to receive a series of didactic and passionate responses. Ask a group of people for their perspectives on luxury and you open up a conversation that will anchor somewhere between the philosophical and the tangible.

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    Creating a platform for creative exchange

    In many ways creative collaboration has become the key to marketing and business expansion in the 21st century. The trouble is, not enough of our biggest and most capable businesses know it yet.

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    The brightest, biggest and boldest

    Every year an international skulk of art lovers, curators, artists and collectors descend upon the sun drenched streets of Miami, Florida to consume the brightest, biggest and boldest of the international art elite. With 73,000 international visitors feverishly devouring everything that Art Basel Miami Beach has to offer through its myriad of satellite fairs, sideshows and parties.

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