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    Good altitude

    Virgilio Martínez may be a long way from home but food is providing familiar comfort. The 40-year-old Peruvian super-chef is in Europe on a profile-raising trip of sorts, and the spoils of his craft are never far away.

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    ICHU Peru

    Virgilio Martinez opens restaurant in Hong Kong

    Virgilio Martinez Véliz, the celebrated chef behind the award-winning Central restaurant in Lima, Peru, has launched ICHU Peru in H Queen’s. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, ICHU serves contemporary Peruvian cuisine in a modern, bistro-style setting.

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    In conversation with Rebecca Jago

    Established in the UK, The Last Drop Distillers was born from the pursuit of a long held dream of spirit connoisseurs Tom Jago and James Espey OBE. Formerly holding successful careers in the spirits industry, Jago and Espey were inspired to find some of the world’s most exquisite liquors. Infused with a passion for spirits and a thirst for adventure the duo scoured the globe to unearth rare and vintage releases that quickly became some of the most rarefied and highly coveted spirits in the world.

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    But not to serve food

    Spanish celebrity chef Ferran Adria is to reopen his once world-famous elBulli venture next year—but not to serve food. The former three-Michelin-star restaurant on the shores of Catalonia's Costa Brava, once considered the world's best for four years in a row, will instead house a laboratory and museum of culinary innovation.

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    Osteria Francescana

    Within the fabric of our memory, taste is a thread laden with emotions. As we age, pulling at the thread can help us better understand the past whilst simultaneously evoking the most powerful feelings. Great chefs master the alchemy of these emotions with an incredible artistic dexterity, perhaps none more so than Massimo Bottura.

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    A force of nature

    A modestly sized, mythical space where alchemy and intense experimentation come together to present some of the most exciting food in the world. If that sounds overzealous, it is meant to. Once you have sampled Alajmo’s food there is no going back.

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    Counterintuitive gastronomy

    A few miles outside the Basque city of San Sebastián, past roadside bars and verdant fields, lies Mugaritz; a restaurant so revered that people here talk about it in a kind of hushed awe. From the outside it appears fairly unremarkable; a large chalet-like building topped with a sloping roof and flanked by gardens that produce the delicate flowers, vegetables and herbs that contribute to its menu.

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    Vue de Monde

    The liberation of memories

    Over the past decade Australia’s dining landscape has changed beyond the imaginable. Composed as a perfect gastronomic double helix of sorts with adventurous, educated and demanding consumers forming one structure while intelligent, entrepreneurial and inventive chefs provide a dynamic counterpoint.

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    The poetry of flavours

    On Avenue Victor Hugo in the quaint town of Valence, tucked between Lyon and the Provence, perched on the banks of the Rhône and its golden vineyards, the venerable Maison Pic is known only by fine gastronomes and connoisseurs. Some journey from afar to savour the delicate, robust cuisine of chef Anne- Sophie Pic, widely known as one of the greatest chefs in the world.

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    Young Guns

    A conversation with Abel Gibson

    Rory Kent, Founder of Young Guns of Wine, spoke to Abel Gibson, the winner of the 2012 Young Gun of Wine Award, about taking risks, making luxurious wine and Mother Nature’s varied gifts

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