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  • Neue Luxury • Issue 09 • Feature • BY Sheryl Garratt SHARE


    What FKA twigs can teach us

    For twigs, the biggest fear is not being authentic. Like Kate Bush or Björk, Benjamin Clementine or Tom Waits, she is one of those rare artists who are so completely, utterly themselves that they defy neat categorisation.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 8 • Feature • BY Ray Edgar SHARE


    The art of death

    Saturday 18 November 1978, thousands of us were huddled under clear plastic sheets, doing what we could to keep the rain out. Darkness had fallen. We were waiting for David Bowie. It was Bowie’s first visit to Australia, the excitement was palpable and the crowd was counting down the minutes until he would appear on that stage.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 8 • Feature • BY Iain R. Webb SHARE


    A leap of faith

    Cue: Grace Jones leaps off the Eiffel Tower—Bond is in pursuit—parachute deployed; lands safely, and makes a successful escape from the MI6 agent. The scene from A View to a Kill (1985), where Jones plays May Day opposite Roger Moore’s James Bond, was a moment of pure movie drama, it also perfectly encapsulated her mysterious and fearless oeuvre.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 8 • Feature • BY Imogen Eveson SHARE


    Unknown Pleasures

    “A change of speed, a change of style” sang Ian Curtis in the opening line of New Dawn Fades: a track from Joy Division’s first album, Unknown Pleasures, released in 1979. By accident or design, this visceral debut captured the essence of Manchester at a juncture in its social and cultural history.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 2 • Feature • BY Paul Tierney SHARE


    Fuck art, let’s dance

    Electro/fashion/art duo The Black Soft have only been around for three years, but their influence and attitude feels much greater than their relative age. To listen to Vimeo’s description of the pair one might assume they had spent decades forging an identity.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 1 • Feature • BY Mieke Chew SHARE

    Phillip Adams BalletLab

    Heightening the human experience through collaboration

    Phillip Adams BalletLab is a company defined by collaboration, not because its collaborators make the work, but because the collaboration is the work. It is a site for expression and experimentation, for the unheard and the unspeakable. The company’s practice enacts a dialogue between artists, ideas, research, sound, movement, fashion and architecture.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Feature • BY Luke Slattery SHARE


    In conversation with Alexander Briger

    Alexander Briger, Founder and Artistic Director of the Australian World Orchestra (AWO), sees the conductor as both an artist and a craftsman whose role is to shape sound.

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