Neue Luxury is a global dialogue on luxury in the 21st century.

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  • Autoerotic

    1111 Lincoln Road, Miami

    Rarely has a building inspired so many people to wax poetically: a “noble space”, “generator of a new architectural experience in city” and a “work of art”. And all this to describe a carpark.

  • Julia deVille

    Julia deVille and the luxury of imagination

    The sculptures and jewellery of Julia deVille are both luxurious and forbidding. No baroque extravagance is alien to her repertoire: silver chargers with cartouches on their architectural flanges, urns with volutes and florid articulation, copious ornaments from the age of authority.

  • Perspectives on luxury

    Neue Selects

    Ask any group of people their opinion on sport, politics, art or religion and you are bound to receive a series of didactic and passionate responses. Ask a group of people for their perspectives on luxury and you open up a conversation that will anchor somewhere between the philosophical and the tangible.



    An interview with Robert Knoke

    From fashion innovators such as Rick Owens and Bernard Wilhelm to iconic musicians such as Casey Spooner, The Kills and Patti Smith, Robert Knoke is surreptitiously challenging traditional notions of portraiture through his abstract and intuitive depictions.

  • Andrew Hazewinkel

    The (re)order of things: the art of Andrew Hazewinkel

    Borrowing from museological, archival and archaeological practices and fields as diverse as geology, anthropology and surrealism, Andrew Hazewinkel's largely photographic and object-based works are striking for their strange arrangements of repurposed materials that unearth unexpected associations.


  • Phillip Adams BalletLab

    Heightening the human experience through collaboration

    Phillip Adams BalletLab is a company defined by collaboration, not because its collaborators make the work, but because the collaboration is the work. It is a site for expression and experimentation, for the unheard and the unspeakable. The company’s practice enacts a dialogue between artists, ideas, research, sound, movement, fashion and architecture.

  • MaterialbyProduct

    A luxury goods house for the 21st century

    Susan Dimasi established luxury fashion house Materialbyproduct (MBP) in 2004 as a means to invent future systems for fashion design. These systems are shaped by the Australian context, as well as the fashion industry’s needs for smaller production runs within less physical space.


    Creating a platform for creative exchange

    In many ways creative collaboration has become the key to marketing and business expansion in the 21st century. The trouble is, not enough of our biggest and most capable businesses know it yet.


    An interview with Adam Brown

    Adam Brown, Founder of Orlebar Brown, is taking a more considered approach to mens swimwear. His insights into quality and the exchange of knowledge is encouraging consumers to reconsider their perspective.

  • Young Guns

    A conversation with Abel Gibson

    Rory Kent, Founder of Young Guns of Wine, spoke to Abel Gibson, the winner of the 2012 Young Gun of Wine Award, about taking risks, making luxurious wine and Mother Nature’s varied gifts

  • Stop the fashion system

    Less is more

    No other creative industry works at the speed of fashion, producing new product on a constant basis at ridiculously low prices, encouraging a disposable culture. Fashion has shifted from a historical formulaic process of two significant collections a year, to multiple delivery drops on a fast track turn around where similar styles are released across the globe simultaneously. 

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