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  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Art • Feature • BY Angela Hesson SHARE


    Barry X Ball and the art of the improvement

    Employing a variety of rare and experimental materials, in combination with emerging digital and industrial technologies, Barry X Ball reinterprets traditional figurative sculpture to produce works that are at once historicized and unmistakably of their period.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Fashion • Feature • BY Stephen Crafti SHARE


    Breaking rank from the fashion status quo

    In the early 1980s, The Antwerp Six caused an avalanche on London’s fashion scene, not dissimilar to the Japanese designers showing in Paris at the same time. Amongst the group were Ann Demeulemeester, Walter Van Beirendonck and Dries Van Noten.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Automotive • Feature • BY Kyle Fortune SHARE


    Inside the rarefied world of prestige and bespoke cars

    In the rarefied world of prestige and bespoke cars, luxury is a term used to describe the opportunity to create an incredibly personalised object d’art. A playground where discerning clients and engaged designers discard standard specifications in favour of a world of limitless possibilities, personal expression and the fulfilment of dreams.



  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Art • Feature • BY Angela Hesson SHARE


    Heartlands and Headwaters

    The story of the pelican operates as an evocative microcosm of John Wolseley’s career: in the winter of 2014, the artist was camped in a swampy area just south of Mataranka the Northern Territory, Australia nearing the conclusion of six weeks spent creatively immersed in the wilderness.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Fashion • Feature • BY Stephen Crafti SHARE


    The power of the fountain pen

    Amongst the barrage of communications we are likely to receive daily, there lies a moment of stillness and reflection in the form of a handwritten letter by Nicolas Ouchenir. It is Ouchenir’s handmade and carefully crafted calligraphy that has enamoured designers, architects, and creative iconoclasts around the world.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Performance • Feature • BY Luke Slattery SHARE


    In conversation with Alexander Briger

    Alexander Briger, Founder and Artistic Director of the Australian World Orchestra (AWO), sees the conductor as both an artist and a craftsman whose role is to shape sound.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Fashion • Feature • BY Paola Di Trocchio SHARE


    Style icon, entrepreneur, free agent

    Nick Wooster, menswear style icon, entrepreneur and self-confessed brand, was in Melbourne, Australia, recently in his role as strategic consultant for Woolmark, witnessing the transformation of natural fibres into wool.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Photography • Feature • BY Paul Tierney SHARE


    An interview with Bon Duke

    A graduate of the city’s School of Visual Arts, Bon Duke is fast emerging as a powerful force in fashion editorial. Shooting for a host of style magazines, he has an eye for detail, and is part of a new generation of film and image-makers influencing the fashion landscape with fresh perspectives.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Art • Feature • BY Paul Tierney SHARE


    Turn on, tune in, drop art

    It’s a fine winter’s day in central Amsterdam, a city so preternaturally handsome it should come with its own mirror and grooming kit. Tall merchants houses standing proud in the sunshine, bathed in a flattering light, huddle together on the banks of its famous canals and all seems well in this picture-perfect world.


  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Art • Feature • BY Kathryn Simon SHARE


    The wild world of art

    Kenny Schachter has marked the art world with his own refreshing discourse and vision as an art dealer, curator and writer. Influenced by the view that art should not pander to an exclusive form of dialogue or be held hostage by the select few.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 3 • Design • Feature • BY Kathryn Simon SHARE


    The brightest, biggest and boldest

    Every year an international skulk of art lovers, curators, artists and collectors descend upon the sun drenched streets of Miami, Florida to consume the brightest, biggest and boldest of the international art elite. With 73,000 international visitors feverishly devouring everything that Art Basel Miami Beach has to offer through its myriad of satellite fairs, sideshows and parties.

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