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    Mario Giacomelli

    29 June—10 October 2021

    Mario Giacomelli is recognized as one of the foremost Italian photographers of the 20th century. Drawn from the Getty Museum’s deep holdings, the exhibition Mario Giacomelli: Figure|Ground features 91 photographs that showcase the raw expressiveness of the artist’s style.

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    Hofesh Shechter

    October—November 2021

    With 2020 marking the 10th anniversary of the universally acclaimed classic Political Mother, Hofesh Shechter Company remounted POLITICAL MOTHER UNPLUGGED, a potent new version performed by Shechter II, their renowned apprentice company.

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    Maree Clarke

    25 June—3 October 2021

    The National Gallery of Victoria presents Maree Clarke: Ancestral Memories as the first major retrospective of Melbourne-based artist and designer, Maree Clarke. Clarke is a pivotal figure in the reclamation of south-east Australian Aboriginal art and cultural practices and has a passion for reviving and sharing elements of Aboriginal culture.

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    Primavera 2021

    1 October—13 February 2022

    Five artists will form this year’s Primavera 2021: Young Australian Artists exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA). Primavera is the MCA’s annual exhibition of emerging artists living and working in Australia, aged 35 years and under.

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    Doug Aitken

    October—February 2022

    The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia will present American artist Doug Aitken’s first major solo exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. Exclusive to Sydney, the exhibition will now open in October 2021 as part of the Sydney International Art Series 2021–22.

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    Vasily Kandinsky

    8 October—5 September 2022

    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum presents Vasi/y Kandinsky: Around the Circle. Drawing from the Guggenheim's exceptional collection of works by Kandinsky, the exhibition spans the artist's earlier years in Russia and Germany, through to his exile in France.

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    Liu Xiaodong

    8 August—10 October 2021

    UCCA Edge presents its first solo exhibition, Liu Xiaodong: Your Friends. A pioneering painter of a new realism in China.

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    National Photographic Portrait Prize

    31 July—7 November 2021

    Sydney photographer Joel B. Pratley’s photo of a lone farmer immersed in a dust storm in drought-stricken Australia has won the 2021 National Photographic Portrait Prize.

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    Marcin Rusak Studio

    5—10 September 2021

    Marcin Rusak Studio presents Unnatural Practice. Curated by Federica Sala, Unnatural Practice is a showcase of Rusak’s most recent works together with archival and “in progress” pieces that inform the studio’s permanent research.


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    The repairer

    “Sculpture is an exorcism,” Louise Bourgeois once told an interviewer. “When you are really depressed and have no other way out except suicide, sculpture will get you out of it.” It’s the voice of a lifelong extremist: Give me art or give me death.

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    Yin & Yang

    In this nicotine-stained café, once the preserve of market workers and late-night hustlers, there are black boys with pink hair talking fashion to white girls with Afros. “She’s beyond amazing,” declares a wild-eyed youth describing his latest discovery. “It’s like Lang on acid—sick and beautiful and completely NOW!” Beyond this scenario, lurking in the corner, sits legendary American photographer Annie Leibovitz—chic and understated, but surveying the room with a frosty antipathy. Paris Fashion Week is in full flow, and people are watching.

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    McQueen & I

    London 2010. St Paul’s Cathedral, squeezed into the city like a relegated old timer, remains to these eyes, design at its most daring. It’s a fitting location for Alexander McQueen’s memorial service: grand, awe-inspiring, immortal; but also a disturbing reminder that things have come to this. Lee—for he was Lee to me—would have hated it: the crowds, the silence, the poignant, solemn atmosphere. Yet in a wonderfully reflective way, both man and building have managed to capture the architectural zeitgeist.


  • Furniture • NEUE SELECTS

    Bioma (2016/2019)

    By Imperfettolab

    Based out of a workshop in Italy, Imperfettolab's name is derived not from the flaws of an imperfect object but rather from the unique and exclusive qualities of the studio's handcrafted outputs. The Bioma chair is reminiscent of a piece of tree bark, skilfully recreated in all its ripples, supported and lifted by a metal structure. Limited, certified and numbered edition.

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    Reunited I (2012)

    By Ilkka Suppanen

    Ilkka Suppanen is one of the world’s best known contemporary Finnish designers. Ilkka Suppanen studied architecture at Helsinki University of Technology, and Interior and Furniture Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Reunited I is a large glass sculpture, displaying re-cycled glass as it’s main theme. The unique texture of this delicate glass piece, created in Murano, reminds the viewer of melting ice or lace. Realised in Murano glass this piece is approximately 72 x 9 cm.

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    Savage Sofa + Side Table Black Edition (2016)

    By Jay Sae Jung Oh

    Jay Sae Jung Oh is South Korea designer exploring the intersection of art and design with unique and intricately made objects. Oh’s ongoing Savage series is composed of seemingly jerry-rigged structures made of household objects, which are intricately hand wrapped in raw leather.

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    Hoja (2015)

    By Alexandra Agudelo

    Alexandra Agudelo carefully analyses contemporary design to establish a permanent dialogue between the past and the present. This piece is realised in Silver 999 and measures approximately 120mm h x 901mm w x 152mm d.

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    Goliathe’s Crown (2009)

    By Michele Oka Doner

    Michele Oka Doner is an internationally renowned artist whose career spans over five decades. The breadth of her artistic production encompasses sculpture, design objects, furniture, jewelry, public art and video installations. Michele Oka Doner's work is fuelled by a lifelong study and appreciation of the natural world, from which she derives her formal vocabulary. Crafted in Sterling Silver this piece was limited to an edition of 3 + 1AP.

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    Aqua Fossil Coffee Table (2019)

    By Amarist Studio

    Amarist Studio has been immersed in investigating the geological formation of the Alabaster Stone, its use throughout history and the process of extracting the mineral in the quarries near their studio. Realised in an edition of 7 + 2AP + P this extraordinary alabaster table is approximately 1250mm l x 770mm w x 480mm h. 


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    Private viewing and shopping experience

    Described as daring, curiously compelling and with a streak of mystery and eccentricity, Alessandro Michele was appointed as Gucci’s creative director in January of 2015. This exclusive private preview and shopping experience will ensure that you are one of the first to preview Michele's latest collection in the ultra-exclusive Milano boutique. 

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    Private bespoke design and fitting

    This exclusive private bespoke design and fitting experience is for those looking to create their ultimate one-of-a-kind dream garment in Dolce&Gabbana’s private residence. Supported by a Dolce&Gabbana master tailor and atelier director, you will be guided through the selection of luxurious fabrics, leathers and embellishments from their collection while enjoying champagne, canapés and conversation with representatives of one of the world’s finest fashion houses.

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    Haute couture private presentation

    With access to the Atelier Versace private haute couture presentation within the Presidential suite of Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, you will be the envy of the fashion cognoscenti with an opportunity to meet Donatella.

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    A private audience with fashion royalty

    Anna Wintour is one of the most recognised and influential names in fashion. As editor-in-chief of American Vogue and the artistic director of Condé Nast, Wintour has consistently captured the zeitgeist to stunning editorial and material effect. This intimate opportunity to meet Ms Wintour followed by a private tour of the Conde Nast Headquarters, is something rare and exciting.

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    A private audience

    Named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People, Diane von Furstenberg entered the world of fashion in 1970 when she moved to New York and, two years later, founded her eponymous line. This private audience with Ms Furstenberg is complemented by a personal tour of DVF headquarters, private luxury transfers and accommodation at Soho House NYC.

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    Red Carpet Experience

    The Festival de Cannes is one of the most coveted and prestigious film festivals in the world. Attracting the most iconic and glamorous film cognoscenti, this experience comes replete with 5 nights luxury accommodation at Hotel Martinez, official luxury transfers to and from the red carpet as well as Festival accreditation and access to the most coveted parties.


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    A unique and intimate gastronomic experience

    Enveloped by lush tropical greenery and azure blue ocean, Bawah Reserve rests in sheltered seclusion 160 nautical miles northeast of Singapore in Indonesia’s remote Anambas Archipelago. With a bespoke menu designed and prepared by a Michelin star chef, this private dining experience comes replete with seaplane transfers, a dedicated experience manager, head sommelier, service staff and private butler.

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    From Paris to Provence

    American writer Henry Miller once remarked that “To know Paris is to know a great deal”. As the most visited city in the world, Paris has captivated, seduced and inspired for centuries. With an unmistakable aura of romance and mystery, your experience will commence with two nights at the most luxurious Parisian pied-à-terre, La Réserve Paris where you will find yourself in the heart of the city overlooking the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower and the Pantheon.


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    Ultimate Iceland

    Iceland is a country of extreme geological contrasts. Widely known as 'The Land of Fire and Ice' Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. This exhilarating experience takes guests to two of the most exclusive and majestic destinations in Iceland, the exclusive Deplar Farm and the sublime Blue Lagoon. 

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    Discover one of the world’s last true frontiers

    Cited as one of our most luxurious and extraordinary experiences, this 13 day/14 night adventure takes guests on a majestic tour of Australia by Private Jet. From the natural beauty of Ningaloo Reef to the sublime sands of Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island and Margaret River, the pristine beauty of each destination is matched only by the extraordinary roster of lodgings at your service.

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    An unforgettable afternoon of art and discovery.

    Just outside of Brussels in the heart of Rhode-Saint-Genèse, among the quaint European houses and large manicured gardens, is where artist Johan Van Mullem is creating artworks of an otherworldly nature. Inspired by the collective consciousness that survives from generation to generation, Van Mullem’s artwork invites you to gain a deeper understanding of the human consciousness. Join the artist in his private residence and studio for lunch and an unforgettable afternoon of art, conversation and discovery.

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    An unrivalled adventure through Kenya and Northwestern Rwanda by private jet

    French novelist Marcel Proust once remarked that "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes". With its vast array of wildlife, millions of kilometers of pristine wilderness and inspiring warmth and hospitality, Africa is unlike any place on earth. Considered by many to be the cradle of civilisation, this thirteen day/twelve night experience takes guests on an unrivalled adventure through some of Kenya and Northwestern Rwanda most exotic and captivating landscapes.

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    Private viewing

    As one of art history’s greatest triumphs and tragedies, Da Vinci captured the scene using an experimental technique in favour of traditional fresco painting to dramatic consequence. This private after hours experience is a chance to view the work in quietude. Accompanied by a certified art history guide, you will be free to explore the semiotics, composition and rich history of the breath-taking masterpiece on your own terms.

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    A Marrakech pilgrimage

    Morocco is a land of colourful contrasts—from centuries-old traditions to dramatic landscapes and striking design—the country is a melting pot for creative minds. Marrakech in particular has inspired designers for decades and was notably a significant influence on Yves Saint Laurent who first visited the city in 1966. We invite you to retrace Yves’ footsteps with a private tour of the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech (MYSLM) with an internationally acclaimed fashion writer and curator. 


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    Maree Clarke

    25 June—3 October 2021

    The National Gallery of Victoria presents Maree Clarke: Ancestral Memories as the first major retrospective of Melbourne

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    Margel Hinder

    24 July—17 October 2021

    The first retrospective of Margel Hinder, one of Australia’s most important and dynamic, yet underrated, modernist sculp

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    Mario Giacomelli

    29 June—10 October 2021

    Mario Giacomelli is recognized as one of the foremost Italian photographers of the 20th century. Drawn from the Getty Mu

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    Shigeko Kubota

    21 August —1 January 2022

    The Museum of Modern Art presents Shigeko Kubota: Liquid Reality. Likening video technology to a “new paintbrush,” New Y

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    Becoming Andy Warhol

    3 July—10 October 2021

    Opening July 3, 2021 at UCCA Beijing and subsequently traveling to UCCA Edge in Shanghai, Becoming Andy Warhol is the mo

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    James Turrell

    A multi decade retrospective

    The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) and James Turrell have announced the new Skyspace – titled C.A.

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    Marco Fusinato

    7 August—16 October 2021

    Marco Fusinato, who has been selected to represent Australia at next year’s 59th Venice Biennale, will unveil his latest

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    Richard Bell

    4 June—29 August 2021

    The largest Australian solo exhibition by artist and activist Richard Bell opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art Austr

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