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    Mario Giacomelli

    29 June—10 October 2021

    Mario Giacomelli is recognized as one of the foremost Italian photographers of the 20th century. Drawn from the Getty Museum’s deep holdings, the exhibition Mario Giacomelli: Figure|Ground features 91 photographs that showcase the raw expressiveness of the artist’s style.

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    CONCRETE: art design architecture

    1 July—5 September 2021

    CONCRETE: art design architecture is a major exhibition exploring innovative ways that concrete is being used by artists, designers and architects in Australia in the 21st century.

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    Jasper Johns

    29 September—13 February 2022

    Presented simultaneously in New York and Philadelphia, Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror will be the artist’s first major museum retrospective on the East Coast in a quarter century.

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    Primavera 2021

    1 October—13 February 2022

    Five artists will form this year’s Primavera 2021: Young Australian Artists exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA). Primavera is the MCA’s annual exhibition of emerging artists living and working in Australia, aged 35 years and under.

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    Hofesh Shechter

    October—November 2021

    With 2020 marking the 10th anniversary of the universally acclaimed classic Political Mother, Hofesh Shechter Company remounted POLITICAL MOTHER UNPLUGGED, a potent new version performed by Shechter II, their renowned apprentice company.

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    Sarah Lucas

    7 August—April 2022

    Open at the National Gallery of Australia, Project 1: Sarah Lucas brings together recent work by one of England’s most influential and unapologetic artists.

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    Liu Xiaodong

    8 August—10 October 2021

    UCCA Edge presents its first solo exhibition, Liu Xiaodong: Your Friends. A pioneering painter of a new realism in China.

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    National Photographic Portrait Prize

    31 July—7 November 2021

    Sydney photographer Joel B. Pratley’s photo of a lone farmer immersed in a dust storm in drought-stricken Australia has won the 2021 National Photographic Portrait Prize.

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    Marcin Rusak Studio

    5—10 September 2021

    Marcin Rusak Studio presents Unnatural Practice. Curated by Federica Sala, Unnatural Practice is a showcase of Rusak’s most recent works together with archival and “in progress” pieces that inform the studio’s permanent research.


  • Furniture • NEUE SELECTS

    Bioma (2016/2019)

    By Imperfettolab

    Based out of a workshop in Italy, Imperfettolab's name is derived not from the flaws of an imperfect object but rather from the unique and exclusive qualities of the studio's handcrafted outputs. The Bioma chair is reminiscent of a piece of tree bark, skilfully recreated in all its ripples, supported and lifted by a metal structure. Limited, certified and numbered edition.

  • Objet d'art • NEUE SELECTS

    Reunited I (2012)

    By Ilkka Suppanen

    Ilkka Suppanen is one of the world’s best known contemporary Finnish designers. Ilkka Suppanen studied architecture at Helsinki University of Technology, and Interior and Furniture Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Reunited I is a large glass sculpture, displaying re-cycled glass as it’s main theme. The unique texture of this delicate glass piece, created in Murano, reminds the viewer of melting ice or lace. Realised in Murano glass this piece is approximately 72 x 9 cm.

  • Objet d'art • NEUE SELECTS

    Savage Sofa + Side Table Black Edition (2016)

    By Jay Sae Jung Oh

    Jay Sae Jung Oh is South Korea designer exploring the intersection of art and design with unique and intricately made objects. Oh’s ongoing Savage series is composed of seemingly jerry-rigged structures made of household objects, which are intricately hand wrapped in raw leather.


  • Neue Luxury • Issue 7 • Art • Feature • BY John McDonald SHARE


    Materials of reconstruction

    Known for ‘painting without paint’, Burri would tear, stitch, burn and batter his creations into submission. In the words of the Italian critic, Emilio Vila, Burri’s works were “nourished by matter that conserves only a tragic reminiscence of painting, almost as if it were asphyxiated; a material that is devitalised, impoverished, rotted, consumed and already wasted away”.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 8 • Architecture • Feature • BY Paul Tierney SHARE


    The dream weaver

    Marino—let’s call a spade a spade and anoint him with the mantle of ‘starchitect’—is a man obsessed with style. For almost fifty years this striking character has applied architectural nous to a dazzling array of commissions, including private homes for the superannuated, grand, conceptual interiors, and all manner of radical side projects.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 8 • Architecture • Feature • BY Ray Edgar SHARE


    Embedding cultural memory in contemporary architecture

    When the head of the philanthropic Sancaklar Foundation, Suat Sancak, first approached Emre Arolat with a request to design a new mosque for 500 worshippers, the architect turned him down. “I told him I’m not that kind of architect,” he remembers.


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    An unforgettable afternoon of art and discovery.

    Just outside of Brussels in the heart of Rhode-Saint-Genèse, among the quaint European houses and large manicured gardens, is where artist Johan Van Mullem is creating artworks of an otherworldly nature. Inspired by the collective consciousness that survives from generation to generation, Van Mullem’s artwork invites you to gain a deeper understanding of the human consciousness. Join the artist in his private residence and studio for lunch and an unforgettable afternoon of art, conversation and discovery.

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    Become the first private citizen to walk in space

    A spacewalk is one of the pinnacles of human spaceflight. Even for professional astronauts, the opportunity to leave the space station and float above the Earth is a rare and exhilarating experience.

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    Create a bespoke objet dart

    Born in Turin, Giampiero Bodino was an architecture student when he first experienced the world of design. With accommodation at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan and VIP access to a private lounge located on Monte Napoleone, this experience is for those who appreciate the profoundly moving and sculptural work of this Master Craftsman.



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    Maree Clarke

    25 June—3 October 2021

    The National Gallery of Victoria presents Maree Clarke: Ancestral Memories as the first major retrospective of Melbourne

  • Neue Luxury • Design • News • SHARE

    Margel Hinder

    24 July—17 October 2021

    The first retrospective of Margel Hinder, one of Australia’s most important and dynamic, yet underrated, modernist sculp

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    Mario Giacomelli

    29 June—10 October 2021

    Mario Giacomelli is recognized as one of the foremost Italian photographers of the 20th century. Drawn from the Getty Mu

  • Neue Luxury • Photography • News • SHARE

    Shigeko Kubota

    21 August —1 January 2022

    The Museum of Modern Art presents Shigeko Kubota: Liquid Reality. Likening video technology to a “new paintbrush,” New Y

  • Neue Luxury • Art • News • SHARE

    Becoming Andy Warhol

    3 July—10 October 2021

    Opening July 3, 2021 at UCCA Beijing and subsequently traveling to UCCA Edge in Shanghai, Becoming Andy Warhol is the mo

  • Neue Luxury • Design • News • SHARE

    James Turrell

    A multi decade retrospective

    The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) and James Turrell have announced the new Skyspace – titled C.A.

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    Marco Fusinato

    7 August—16 October 2021

    Marco Fusinato, who has been selected to represent Australia at next year’s 59th Venice Biennale, will unveil his latest

  • Neue Luxury • Art • News • SHARE

    Richard Bell

    4 June—29 August 2021

    The largest Australian solo exhibition by artist and activist Richard Bell opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art Austr

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