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MACRO presents AGORA, the first section of Museum for Preventive Imagination: the discursive motor of the museum. Until the end of 2022, artists, curators, critics and researchers, musicians and practitioners of other disciplines will be the protagonists of the events of AGORA, the “column” of Museum for Preventive Imagination for live, first person narration of contemporary languages and their stories.

A programme of encounters, conferences, symposia, talks, presentations, interviews and screenings will be developed, organized each time in different formats and at on an irregular schedule, running parallel to and across the activities of the museum. Around AGORA, MACRO also launches an initial collaboration with the Art Quadriennale, thanks to which some of the artists in the upcoming 2020 edition will be able to take part in the programme, due to their presence in the city of Rome throughout that event.

The September calendar begins with REwind/REcount, a format already previewed in July on the terrace of the museum: visitors can hear and reexperience the stories of musicians and other fundamental personalities of the Italian music scene and beyond, interpreted through the eyes and ears of the protagonists. Through anecdotes and guided listening sessions, the guests will be accompanied by Demented Burrocacao.

On 8 September, Pol G, the melodiser of Assalti Frontali, a Roman underground hip hop group that took form inside the free activist station Radio Onda Rossa, retraces the roots and evolutions of the italian hip hop. On 16 September the focus shifts to the artistic developments of the 1970s, with the Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale of Mino Di Martino and Terra Di Benedetto, founders of the venue in Rome involved in sound research and experimentation which later lent its name to their avant-garde ensemble. On 22 September Davide Panizza talks about Pop X, a unique phenomenon on the Italian scene and elsewhere, ranging from electronic music to song writing, performance and all-around experimentation, from the most underground settings to major performance events.

On 9 September A Work begins, an AGORA format created in collaboration with the musicologist, art historian and collector Giuseppe Garrera, who will philologically analyse one work in each session. We begin with D’io by Gino De Dominicis – a work that is part of the exhibition Museum for Preventive Imagination – EDITORIALE – to trace back through the story of the artist’s room at the Venice Biennale in 1972, shut down amidst widespread indignation that prompted the intervention of the Carabinieri…

10 September marks the start of A Story, a format that invites artists to illustrate their own personal “art (hi)story”, an episode that has inspired them from the past, the present or the imagination. The first contribution comes from another protagonist of Museum for the Preventive Imagination – EDITORIALE, Luca Vitone, who narrates an artistic “failure”: a work never made by Giovanni Segantini dedicated to the Engadine, the valley where the artist decided to live in order to escape from modernity. 

The next personality in the encounters of A Story, in collaboration with the 2020 Art Quadriennale which includes his work, will be the choreographer and artist Michele Rizzo. On 18 September he will talk about the influences behind his research on the crossroads of sculpture, dance and performative actions. The programme, soon to be announced, will continue in the month of October.

On 17 September the curatorial duo Francesco Urbano Ragazzi present the first encounter of An Exhibition, the AGORA format involving the narration, at each appointment, of an exhibition project that has been of particular impact for the careers of the invited curators. In their case the topic is Happiness. A Survival Guide for Art and Life, the opening exhibition of the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (2003).

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