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To a full house and a standing ovation, the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra was born 30 years ago on the stage of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. This November, the Brandenburg will present Vivaldi’s Four Seasons alongside Georg Philipp Telemann’s Water Music, presented in Sydney, Melbourne and Parramatta as the composers would have heard them when they were first performed, using original edition scores and played on gut-stringed instruments of the period whilst breathing fresh life and vitality to these masterpieces with the best baroque talents of today.

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra Artistic Director Paul Dyer describes, “One of the first pieces we played was Telemann’s Water Music, evoking vivid nautical images from a remote mythological past of wrathful sea gods, mischievous water nymphs and the rulers of the winds. This beautifully quirky masterpiece will be paired with Vivaldi’s ever popular Four Seasons.”

Telemann’s Concerto for 4 violins in G major will open the concert—a quartet of violins, performing unaccompanied. Telemann’s Ouverture-Suite in C major, Water Music, was performed in the Brandenburg’s first ever concert in January 1990 at Sydney Opera House. 30 years later, the Brandenburg will perform this rarely heard vibrant orchestral suite in ten vivid movements with Ben Dollman performing—featured on Baroque violin.

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra concertmaster and Baroque violin soloist, Shaun Lee-Chen, will feature as guest director of Vivaldi’s much-loved The Four Seasons, Op. 8 No. 1-4. Inspired by four sonnets depicting rustic scenes from the Italian countryside, Vivaldi’s concertos challenge musicians to create striking impressions of nature. The identity of the sonnets’ author is unknown, but Vivaldi’s ingenious instrumental rendering of the evocative Italian text has become universal. It has become one of the greatest and most recognisable works of classical music ever written, Shaun Lee-Chen will create a bold and fresh vision of this incredible music.

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