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    Distilling youth

    When a designer friend of mine first came across the words Collier Schorr, she took them not as a name but as a kind of Lorem Ipsum; shapely letters to use as placeholder text as she drafted her layouts. The syllables are mutable—both soft and hard, and ambiguous. To those unfamiliar with the American artist and fashion photographer Collier Schorr, the name does not conjure up any particular imagery. Much like the artist, both are open to interpretation.

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    19 February — 7 July 2019 

    The V&A has acquired the extraordinary theatre photography archive of Czech-born photographer, Ivan Kyncl (1953 — 2004). Kyncl arrived in the UK as a political refugee in 1980. After a series of ad-hoc commissions, including work for Harold Pinter, it was his rehearsal images for a play by Czech dissident (and later President) Václav Havel that earned him his first significant job with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1985.

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    21 September 2019 — 8 March 2020

    In September 2019, a new V&A exhibition invites visitors to experience the fantastical imagination of Tim Walker, one of the world’s most inventive photographers. Tim Walker: Wonderful Things is the largest exhibition of Walker’s pictures to date. It celebrates his extraordinary contribution to image-making over the last 25 years and the inspirational role that the V&A’s collection plays in his creative process.

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    Reckless beauty

    Bob Richardson, in his unpublished biography, wrote: “There are two kinds of people on Earth, those who live in the past and those who live in the future. How have I been able to survive for 75 years? Guts—willpower—pride—I am very proud of myself—I am not ashamed of anything—I have no secrets—I am free.”

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    Creating a future legacy

    When Robert Mapplethorpe died in Boston on the morning of 9 March 1989, he was 42. He had already attained a degree of notoriety in art circles and questions had been raised about the pornographic content in his art. His images contained explicit nudity, graphic records of homosexual acts and sadomasochistic scenes initially encountered on his journeys into the Manhattan underworld—before being meticulously recreated in his studio.

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    Dutch courage

    Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin are two names that are quite a mouthful. Between them, the Dutch photographers boast ten tongue-twisting syllables. Like the photographs they produce; fashion images, portraits, advertising campaigns, their names have become synonymous with a space between normal and strange, light and dark, self explanatory and the mysteriously glamorous.

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    When grunge grows up

    The fashion photographer David Sims once claimed he had no patience for nostalgia, and that living in the past was a pure waste of time. He is not a household name, but few in the fashion world would deny that Sims is a colossus of the industry—the photographer’s photographer—and that his adroit eye has ultimately shaped a new way of looking at beauty. 

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    An interview with Bon Duke

    A graduate of the city’s School of Visual Arts, Bon Duke is fast emerging as a powerful force in fashion editorial. Shooting for a host of style magazines, he has an eye for detail, and is part of a new generation of film and image-makers influencing the fashion landscape with fresh perspectives.

  • Neue Luxury • Issue 4 • Feature • BY Dan Thawley SHARE


    Spiritual Animal

    Image making in the 21st century is a nuanced and revolutionary art, aspired to by many as a retreat from the mundane, and an opportunity to see the world from an enigmatic new perspective. With current trends in fashion photography leaning heavily on a nostalgia for analogue, there are a mere handful of photographers who are genuinely pushing the boundaries of their craft and Tim Richardson may be counted amongst them.

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