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Neue Fashion • Issue 3 • Fashion • Feature • BY Brett Phillips SHARE

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    Where classic meets creative

    One of the great virtues of art is that it enables us to see the world differently while affording us the freedom to explore the intersections of our senses. Neue Fashion uncovers a world where classic meets creative.

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    Where the old meets the new

    Long considered by many as an exotic antipodean outpost, our collective identity has always been shaped by a constant tension between the ancient, the old world and the new. With a nod to the past and a warm embrace of the future, Neue Fashion takes a grand tour through the sculptural forms, soft lines and strong silhouettes of our European and Australian masters.

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    Eventually all things merge into one

    At once mystical, romantic and heroic, rivers have captured our imaginations and informed our mythologies for centuries. As powerful symbols of renewal and change, it is timely that we take to the LA River and discover fashion’s new undercurrent—those reframing luxury through a lens of youth culture, artisanship and creativity. This is a place where rivers run deep and where all things merge into one.

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