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Art collective teamLab’s enormous exhibition teamLab Borderless Hamburg: Digital Art Museum will open in Hamburg, Germany in 2024. Based on the concept that everything exists in a borderless continuity, teamLab Borderless Hamburg is an immense world of art consisting of immersive works that transcend boundaries. Housed permanently in Hamburg’s newly-opening Digital Art Museum, teamLab Borderless Hamburg will boast 7,000 square meters of labyrinthine floor space with ceilings up to 10 meters high.

teamLab Borderless Hamburg is a single, continuous world of artworks by teamLab. It is an immense art space where visitors immerse themselves in borderless, ever-changing art, wander freely, explore with intention, create a new world with others, and discover. The works physically move between rooms, communicate and influence one another, form relationships with people, transcend boundaries, and sometimes intermingle in this seamless space.

The teamLab Borderless museum in Tokyo saw 2.3 million visitors from over 160 different countries and regions in one year since its opening in June 2018. This has even surpassed the number of attendees in 2018 at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2,161,160 visitors), making teamLab Borderless in Tokyo the world’s most-visited museum dedicated to works by a single artist that year. It was also named one of TIME Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places of 2019, becoming one of the 100 new and newly noteworthy destinations around the world to experience.

teamLab Borderless Hamburg is based on the concept that everything exists in a borderless continuity. In order to understand the world, people separate it into independent entities, creating boundaries in order to comprehend it. Art has also been treated as independent works. Through this exhibition, teamLab aims to create a single world in which various artworks form relations with one another and exist in a continuity without boundaries, giving visitors the chance to rethink their perception of the world in its entirety and to discover beauty in continuity itself.

“The boundary between artworks, the boundary between people and artworks, the boundary between the self and others, and the boundary between the self and the world; people assume these boundaries naturally exist, but teamLab hopes that experiencing teamLab Borderless Hamburg will encourage people to question boundaries instead of assuming that they exist.” – teamLab

Located in the Elbbrückenquartier in the east of Hamburg’s HafenCity, the Digital Art Museum is being built across more than 7,000 square meters of floor space with ceilings up to 10 meters high, making it the first and largest European digital-only museum where visitors can experience digital art. Founded by entrepreneur and visionary Lars Hinrichs, the Digital Art Museum is a dynamic art space to house immersive art offering multidimensional and multisensual experiences.

Everything that can be digital will become digital.

Following his motto, “Everything that can be digital will become digital,” Digital Art Museum founder Lars Hinrichs is a distinguished entrepreneur who always aims for new, visionary ideas in the digital sector. Also known for founding companies such as XING and HackFwd, Hinrichs is an active investor in the technology space in Europe and the US, pushing boundaries with the new opportunities the digitization offers, whether in technology, business, or art. Following this philosophy, the Digital Art Museum in Hamburg will offer a completely new art experience for people from all over Europe. As one of Germany’s leading locations for business, research, and education, Hamburg and the HafenCity district in particular, with its high local and tourist appeal, offer the perfect location for the museum. “With teamLab’s immersive artworks, we are at the verge of a new epoch of art. It is not only consumed but interacted with, and I wanted to make this unique feeling experienceable for as many people as possible. With the Digital Art Museum, this vision becomes a reality,” says Hinrichs.

People understand and recognize the world through their bodies, moving freely and forming connections and relationships with others. As a consequence, the body has its own sense of time. In the mind, the boundaries between different thoughts are ambiguous, causing them to influence and sometimes intermingle with each other. teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one continuous, borderless world. Artworks move out of the rooms freely, form connections and relationships with people, communicate with other works, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other, and have the same concept of time as the human body. People wander through the world, exploring with intention, creating and discovering a new world with others. The borderless world transforms according to our presence, and as we immerse and meld ourselves into this unified world, we explore a continuity among people, as well as a new understanding of the continuity between ourselves and the world.

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